Urban Winery in Beta Mode

Hello friends,

People say “follow your dreams”. My risk averse self has so far called my big dream a pipe dream, relegating it to day dreaming and “zone-out” moments. Well, in early 2019, I took a tiny step that led to me BUYING 500 POUNDS OF GRAPES. Yehaw!

At a high level, I dream of founding a charitable urban winery (hence, “the cause”). This summer, I will craft a potential product (yummy Texas red wine!) and experiment with the logistics of an urban winery in Houston. This winery is my side-gig, and the wine will be made in the office of my town-home (much to the chagrin of my amazing husband). This website is currently a blog, chronicling my adventures of making wine. Hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Jenn R.

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