Line-up of wines for sale!

The Cause Urban Winery OFFICIALLY has FOUR wines for sale at!

Everything came together after LOTS of back and forth with my label designer and a rush to get labels printed before 2022 harvest. Magically (or rather, thanks to grit), I picked up three labels for my white, rosé, and second red wine on July 12th. On July 13th, I labeled my white (Viognier) and my rosé (90% Mourvèdre, 10% Viognier). Then, on July 14th, I bottled AND labeled my second red (Mourvèdre). And ta da! Four commercial wines ready for sale and enjoyment!

About the Names as described on my back labels:

  • 2020 Cura Annonae Petite Sirah: In Ancient Rome, the term Cura Annonae meant the distribution of food to the people and honored the goddess of grain, Annona. This wine represents the distribution of food; each case sold buys 36 meals for those in need. Benefiting the Houston Food Bank.
  • 2021 Skýlos Viognier: This wine has been given the name Skýlos, Greek for “dog,” because a portion of every bottle sold supports Scout’s Honor Rescue. The organization rescues animals from city pounds and Houston’s local shelters and facilitates fostering and adopting. Learn more at
  • 2021 Vai Avanti Mourvèdre Rosé: In Italian, vai avanti means to carry on, to go ahead, and to move forward. This wine represents the power to continue toward a bright future despite adversity. A portion of every bottle sold benefits the Houston Area Women’s Center. For more information, visit
  • 2021 Alta Semita Mourvèdre: A new Alta Semita or “high path” joins each side of Memorial Park in Houston. A portion of the proceeds from this wine benefits the organization that made this new Land Bridge and Prairie possible, Memorial Park Conservancy (MPC). The mission of MPC is to Preserve, Restore, and Enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow.

Below are some pictures from labeling and bottling!


Jenn Rossi

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